How To Get Drone License In India

If you want to get a drone license in India, and you think it’s quite hard like any other document from Government offices. Long queues and so much hotch-potch, then you’re wrong. In this article, I will be explaining you how you can get a drone license in India. Just follow the steps below and you’ll have your drone license in your hands within few days.

How To Get Drone License In India

Before we get to the steps to get the drone license, let’s have a look on some requirements and rules of drone flying in India.

There’s a long document created by DGCA having all rules for flying drone in India. You can read that document through the link below :

To get drone license in India, you need to fulfill certain requirement’s. Let’s have a look on them :

Now, as you know all the rules and regulation, let’s get started registering for your drone license registration.

1. Register yourself on Digitalsky

Visit on your browser.

How to get a drone license in India

2. Setup your account

Enter your Full Name or Company Name, if you’re an organisation. Give your email and setup a password and get an account.


3. Verify your email address

Check inbox of the email address with which you registered on Digital sky. You’ll get an email with verification link through which you need to verify your account.

Email Verification DigitalSky

4. Login to your account and select user type

After email verification, you need to login to your account and then select user type as “Remote Pilot Profile”.

select type of user digital sky

5. Select your drone type and give more details

In the form below, you need to provide your drone details, like drone type, weight model and all…

6. Upload Training

There’s a twist here. You need to upload a training certificate from any of the training centers listed on the DigitalSky website.

Please consult, any of them and show them your skills and get a certificate. Easy-Peasy…

upload training certificate

Drones that doesn’t require License

There are some drones that are currently(as of 26-03-2019) doesn’t require to get drone license in India, if you follow the rules and regulations set by DGCA.

  • Drone’s that are under 250g are not required to have a special license to fly, if you’re following all DGCA rules.

For FAQs, checkout answers in the FAQ section on DGCA official website.

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