How to forward tweet to WhatsApp group

How to forward tweet to WhatsApp group Twitter, my favourite social media platform. So, you want to know how you can forward a tweet in a WhatsApp. So, let me explain that in this article.

If you want to share a tweet that you like to a whatsapp group then there are a few ways to  do it.

You’re on mobile then just go to Twitter and long click on the tweet, it will automatically copy the whole tweet that you can paste in your WhatsApp groups.

Next thing, you can do is go to twitter and click on the ∨ symbol and then you need to click on copy link, the link to that tweet will be copied to your clipboard that you can later on paste in your whatsapp group and share it with your group members.

forward tweet to WhatsApp group

Let’s get to the final and straightforward method.

When you will open a tweet on your smartphone then there you’ll find a share button, when you’ll click, it will show you a lot of options, you have to choose whatsapp, then you’ll see a list of recievers just select your whatsapp group and send it right away.

This way  you can share your things easily from twitter to whatsapp. Thanks for reading this article. If you found this article helpful then please share it with your friends and followers over twitter and other social media platforms

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