How to Download MP3 Songs from JioSaavn?

JioSaavn (formerly Saavn) is a very popular music streaming service by Reliance Jio in India. It provides free music streaming in every regional language from Hindi to Gujrati and English to Punjabi.

Reliance Jio acquired Saavn for over US $1 Billion in March 2018 and merged with their own music streaming app JioMusic which became JioSaavn.

It all started as a partnership and resulted in the complete acquisition of the Saavn and we got JioSaavn.

In this article, I will be sharing you methods to Download MP3 Songs from JioSaavn. After following the tutorial, you’ll be able to download the MP3 Songs from JioSaavn as a file and can be shared with anyone.

How to Download MP3 Songs from JioSaavn?

Method: Upgrade JioSaavn to JioSaavn Pro

JioSaavn on their own provides you the facility in their JioSaavn Pro plan. JioSaavn offers Ad-Free Music listening without limits along with high-quality music and exclusive shows and podcasts. You can download music and save them on your device for offline play.

Download MP3 Songs from JioSaavn

JioSaavn comes in two plans, check out the following plans:

Download MP3 Songs from JioSaavn

However, using this method won’t enable you to share your music files with other devices or anywhere else. You can follow the methods shared below to download and share files with other devices.

Method 2: Download MP3 Songs from JioSaavn using JioSaavn Downloader by Bhadoo

In this method, you will be using a tool called JioSaavn Downloader by ParveenBhadoo which is based on an unofficial JioSaavn API by Sumanjay.

Steps to Download MP3 Songs from JioSaavn using JioSaavn Downloader:

Step 1: Open JioSaavn Downloader website

You need to open the JioSaavn Downloader website in your favourite browser. It is compatible and usable on any device either your smartphone or badass PC.

Step 2: Enter the name of song or the song link from JioSaavn

After opening the website from your browser, you will get a search box where you can either search your favourite song or just paste the song link grabbed from JioSaavn App and hit enter or click Search button.

Step 3: Choose Your favourite song from the search results

After searching for a particular song you will get a list of matching searched song. You need to choose your favourite song there, but if you have entered link for a particular song, you won’t get search results.

Step 4: Play or Download your favourite song from JioSaavn

After clicking on particular song, you’ll be taken to a particular page and you’ll get all the details of the song along with download song button. Along with that you can also play that particular song.

To download song, you’ll need to click on download button or just click the three dot from audio player and click download to download MP3 song from JioSaavn.

Steps to Download MP3 Songs from JioSaavn through Developer Tools

Seems unbelievable, but this is true that you can use developer tools to download MP3 Songs from JioSaavn.

Step 1: Open Chrome and visit JioSaavn website

You need to open your chrome/firefox browser and then visit the official website of JioSaavn.

Step 2: Search for you favourite song in their website

After visiting the official JioSaavn website you need to open search bar and search for your favourite song.

Step 3: Open inspect element in your browser

After searching for your favourite song on JioSaavn, open inspect element on your browser. You can open inspect element by two methods:

  • Right click on webpage and click on Inspect element
  • Hold CTRL+Shift and press I.

Step 4: Switch to Network section in Inspect Element

After opening Inspect Element on your webpage, you need to switch to the Network section of Inspect Element.

Network section displays all the external stuff loading on your website or computer through that particular website.

Step 5: Now play the song and grab the link from list of resources

After playing song, you’ll get a list of new resources loading in the network section of Inspect Element. You need to grab the link that says and some other gibberish. You can also find it by finding the file type MP4, MP3, or media.

Step 6: Sort the files by Size and open the link on top in new tab

You can also find out the source link of audio by sorting the media links through size and open the link in new tab.

Step 7: Download MP3 Song from JioSaavn CDN

Once the link open in new tab, you need to click on the three dot next to the player and click on download.

That’s it, you’ve successfully downloaded the MP3 file from JioSaavn. For more clarity follow the video, shared above.

Suggestions for JioSaavn:

Encrypt and split the music files and decrypt them locally on the client side to get rid of this problem, rather than just loading the whole file from your database. Contact me on Twitter if you want help.

Take idea from the system of Spotify. I love their level of encryption.

I hope you guys found this article and if it helped you to download MP3 song from JioSaavn. Please share this article with you friends on your social media and tag us. Follow Innovative Beast on Twitter and enjoy.

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