How to Delete IONOS Account: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Guide to Delete IONOS account – Are you having issues with IONOS or just fed up with their services? You can just get rid of those issues with one method to delete IONOS account. We will be sharing the steps to delete your IONOS account pretty easily. I personally used IONOS and their service was average. However, if you’re fed up or just want to get rid of their emails and calls just delete the IONOS account right away.

In this article, I will help you to delete the IONOS account within few moments. It will completely vanish your information from their servers as promised in their privacy policy. So, Let’s just begin.

What is IONOS?

Before we say goodbye to IONOS by deleting their account, let’s have a look at what IONOS means.

IONOS was established in the late 1980s as a web hosting firm. United Internet is a subsidiary of the corporation. Eric Tholome is the company’s president and CEO. The headquarters of the firm are in Montabaur, Germany. Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania is home to the company’s headquarters in the United States. Customers in Europe were the only ones who could use the website’s services at first.

The firm did not provide its services to the United States until 2003. The firm expanded its services to Mexico in 2013. In the United States, Europe, and Mexico, there are over eight million IONOS subscribers. There are approximately 15 sites in 9 countries across the world to handle the services and technologies.

Over 2,000 employees work at IONOS, providing round-the-clock customer care and support. The business is Europe’s largest hosting provider. The firm changed its name to 1&1 IONOS in 2018.

Domain names, professional email addresses, SSL certificates, and Norton Security Online products are all available through IONOS. Individuals may also get help from the firm with website development, including e-commerce website development. Business owners may use online account services to help them keep track of their finances. Marketing and advertising services are also available through 1&1 Internet.

This covers things like company listings, Google Ads administration, SEO help, and email marketing tools. You won’t have to worry about losing your data or not having enough capacity on your personal devices to keep all of your critical papers because cloud storage is available. The cost of services and products changes based on what you buy.

You can simply terminate 1&1 Internet’s services and/or goods if you no longer require them. We’ve made things easy for you by collecting a comprehensive cancellation guide, which you can see below. In the cancellation guide, you’ll find out what information you’ll need to cancel, as well as 1&1 Internet’s particular contact information. For additional details, keep reading this page.

Customers are mostly provided web hosting as a service. Web hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting are all available.

How to Delete IONOS Account: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

To delete IONOS Account, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, open your favourite browser and visit to open the IONOS website
  2. After visiting the IONOS website, you need to log in with your user ID and password that you used while creating the account
  3. Now select the IONOS product or package you want to cancel right away and scroll down to find the “My Data” option
  4. Tap on the “Auto-renewal” toggle to turn off Auto-renewal
  5. Now, confirm the notice to delete IONOS account permanently

Note: You can delete your account from IONOS Account settings. Navigate to IONOS Settings> Account settings and tap on Delete account to delete IONOS account permanently.

How to contact IONOS team?

You can use any of the following methods to contact the IONOS team:

  • Call(24/7): 1-484-254-5555
  • Help centre:
  • Live Chat: (Delete IONOS account help)

IONOS is also known as:

  • IONOS Internet
  • 1&1 Internet
  • 1&1 Internet, Inc.
  • 1 and 1
  • one & one
  • one and one
  • 1&1

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please share it on social media. Ask your questions and give feedback in the comment section. We will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reading the article.

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