How To Create A Quick Tweetable Link With ClicktoTweet

Twitter is like a heaven of traffic for Bloggers and WebMasters. ClicktoTweet is an awesome tool to create quick tweetable links that tweet automatically on clicking on that link. It also comes with a WordPress plugin that you can download from the WordPress directory and also a Chrome extension.

ClicktoTweet is one of the most favorite tools for social media marketers and bloggers. But this is not limited to Bloggers, anyone among you can use it.

About ClickToTweet

ClickToTweet is a very popular tool used by popular websites and Bloggers in their Blogs. It is a very helpful tool that helps you to create a quick tweetable link and quote which you can embed in your blog post or website. It helps you in spreading the word for your website or blog.

Why To Create A Quick Tweetable Link?

There are many cases where this tool can be used.

Email Campaign

Imagine a situation where you need to drop a ton of emails for your new product launch. You can go a step forward and create a tweetable link. So, when peoples will receive your emails with that tweetable link, it is expected that they will tweet about your product. So, this way, the reach of your product and brand will increase and it will ultimately help you in generating more sales and money.

Make Sharing Easy

If you’re a blogger or a social media marketer, then you know the power of sharing. This tweetable link can make the work easy for you, because now you can set the designated text shared in tweets, which helps to increase your social media traffic.

Steps to Create a quick tweetable link with ClicktoTweet:

In this tutorial, I am sharing a detailed tutorial for creating the tweetable link using the ClickToTweet tool. Follow the step-by-step guide below to create your very own ClicktoTweet link :

1: Open the ClickToTweet Website

Open your browser and enter to reach to the ClickToTweet website and create quick tweetable links. You’ll a webpage similar to what you see in the image below.

Create Tweetable Link ClicktoTweet-3
ClicktoTweet Homepage

2: Sign Up with your Twitter account

Click on the Sign in with twitter button and it will take you to Twitter API account authorization page. On the account authorization page, you need to click on Authorize to Authorize the app to create an account for you on the website. The data accessed will be used by ClicktoTweet, so they can create tweetable links.


3: Enter Your Message to be Tweeted

After creating your ClickToTweet account, you’ll be taken to the dashboard of ClickToTweet. On the dashboard you need to enter the message you want to be tweeted on clicking on the link generated by the website. You’ll also get two options, Track links and shorten links.

4: Track and Short the link

After you enter the message to be tweeted into the message box, next to it you’ll get two options. First says Track Click Stats, this will track the clicks on the link you’ll generate after using it. Next, shorten your link to make it short and won’t take much space in a tweet.



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