How does Google Search Work? | Crawling | Indexing | Keywords

Google search is one of the most important parts of almost everyone’s life. Anything we need, a google search gives us the answer. But have you ever thought how does the google search work? How does google give all your answers within a fraction of seconds? Let us discover how does google search work? What is GoogleBot? How does indexing working? What are the keywords?

The whole process mainly contains few steps namely

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Page ranking
  • Keywords



To start with, let us understand how google searches the whole web. Google has its crawlers or spiders called GoogleBots. These spiders surf the whole web site by site, making a web of a huge number of websites. This is basically done with the backlinks(reference links on a website that point to some other webpage) associated with a website. They hop over the internet to reach out to every possible website(which gives Google permission to do so). These crawlers get the network updated every day with extensive crawling. Crawlers scan the internet on the basis of the keywords used.



After making a network of websites, google arrange these websites in its database. This is called indexing. Indexing basically is the systematic sorting and arranging of webpages in a database. Indexing basically means creating an index of the webpages, so that when we search anything, we get the relevant and best possible search results on the top. With the help of indexing, Google is able to provide accurate and fast results. This indexing basically depends on the keywords used, the backlinks, the content published, quality of the content, popularity of the platform. Since millions and millions of webpages are updated every day, it is not possible to manually index these. So Google uses its several algorithms and artificial intelligence to index the websites. Not every website crawled by GoogleBot is indexed.

Page Rank


Page ranking is much like the indexing. Page rank basically means, how high a webpage visible in the search results. Google ranks the pages so as to give us the best and most accurate results right on top. Page ranking saves a lot of time of people. There are several factors responsible for page ranking. The most important factor is the SEO(Search Engine Optimisation). SEO further has several factors like length of content, images, keyword repetition, meta description, relevant keywords, outbound links, etc. It also depends on the popularity of the website. Higher the Page rank, more the visitors.


Keywords mainly mean the search terms we are looking for. For example, if we search ” I want to buy a new smartphone under 15000 with 32MP camera and 5000 mAh battery”, here the keywords are a smartphone,15000, 32 MP and 5000. Keywords play a huge role to narrow down the search results. The Google search engines look for the keywords and accordingly gives us the best possible results. For a content writer, relevant and accurate keywords play the most important role to gain more views.

How does Google search work?

Now that you have understood all the basic terms, let us see How does Google search actually work.

Let us take an example

I searched on google “I want to buy a smartphone with 4 GB RAM, 32 MP camera, 500 mAh battery under 15000”. Google looks for keywords. In this case, keywords are 4GB RAM, 32 MP camera, 5000 mAh, 15000. Google then looks for the pages having these keywords in common from its index. The list so generated is further organized in a systematic order on the basis of Page Rank. This results in much more refined search results of the websites containing the list of such smartphones. In this way google search works.

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