High speed broadband connectivity, Airtel, Jio will get the challenge through Amazon Satellite

E-commerce company Amazon is also going to be stepping into the field of broadband connectivity. Amazon is about to launch 3,000 satellites for its broadband connectivity. Amazon has named this ambitious project as Project Kuiper. This is a long term plan for Amazon, in which users will get the benefit of internet access through multiple files.

While releasing a statement on Wednesday, Amazon said, users will get access to the Global Internet for this long term project. The company has approached the International Telecommunication Union last month for this project.

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites will be launched in Project Kuiper, which will provide high-speed broadband connectivity in low latency too. Amazon will use the reusable Rocket Technology, which will help the company’s Space Venture to make the project a success.

Let me tell you, that in addition to e-commerce, Amazon also provide Cloud Storage and other Cloud Computing related services. Amazon has set up several cloud data storage servers that store data from many major technical companies. Netflix is one of those tech giants which are based on Amazon Cloud. Due to this project of Amazon, other broadband service providers like Airtel and Reliance Jio, can be challenged.

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