Google will predict floods, will be available in the country before monsoon


Flood can be predicted soon in the country through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Google’s AI based flood prediction system will be available in India before monsoon. The company announced it at the I/O developer conference. This is part of Google’s new program, which has been named as the AI for Social Cause.

AI algorithms will be able to recognize possibility of flooding will occur and people will be alerted after this.

Google has been working on this feature since September last year. For this, Google also collected data from the Central Water Commission.

To help raise awareness of flood protection and to create better forecast models, we are using AI and essential computational power, which will predict when and where the flood will come. This information will be included in Google Public Alert.

~ Yossi Matias, VP, Google Engineering

This feature of Google can be so much useful for India. During the monsoon every year, panic is seen in many parts of the country. Last year alone, floods in Kerala led to the demise of many people and the state suffered a lot. About 10 lakh people were taken to a safe place.

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