Google will display more and more Ads

Whether you are browsing internet on the couch, roaming in the car with the map or swiping through the social media feed in the toilet, hopefully this year, Google’s alphabet ink has many new spots where they will advertise.

Search giant on Tuesday announced the expansion of their advertisement immovable property to promote revenue from mobile shopkeepers. It will display ads on the home page of its smartphone app across the globe, show more ads in Maps, and advertise with image galleries in search results.

This change comes as a sign of an increase in income for some alphabet investors, whether services like Inc. and Instagram of Facebook Inc. are attracting online shoppers, and in return, advertisers are far from Google.

Google officials told reporters on Monday that the latest features were a reaction to how users behave, not competition.

Oliver Huckman, vice president for travel and shopping, said that the company wants to make users easier to find and buy new products because they buy TVs or buy in the bathroom.

“It really changed with mobile and what do users expect from an online service like Google?”

The alphabet shares fell 1% on Tuesday to $ 1,124.86.

Advertisements on the Google homepage show what the company tells its Discover Feature, a Facebook-style news feed, that users swipe to see an individual set in an algorithmic form of links to articles, videos and other online content. .

The company said on Monday that the ads will run wherever the search is available, including its mobile website, but on Tuesday it was clarified that the advertisements will be in the Google app only.

Google tested ads on Discover last year, when he said that more than 800 million people were using the monthly feature.

Gallery ads are part of an effort to make search results more visible. Officials said that ads with many images are expected to get more clicks, which can show them more results.

In Maps, ads will now appear in the recommended search queries, on routing pages, and during navigation.

Google – which announced changes to its marketing live conference for advertisers – also said that it will start showing personalized content on its Google Shopping Home page. It currently offers only one search box in most countries.

Company will continue to use the shopping service to order in-store pickup or delivery from different types of shops. But this will phase out its Google Express distribution brand in favor of Google Shopping.

Google first launched a more robust shopping page in India last year.

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