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Google Gaming hardware and streaming service maybe announced on 19 March

Earlier this week, Google made a mysterious announcement. The company is planning a presentation at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 19. While nothing has been officially said yet, it is expected that Google will launch a new game transmission service and also announce the game’s hardware at the event.

Google has been working on its Project Stream service for the past six months, allowing Chrome users to transmit Assassins Creed Odyssey and play the game simply by using an optional controller for PlayStation or Xbox. The only other prerequisite to using the service was to have an Internet connection of 25 Mbps.

Google Gaming

Through the Project Stream, Google’s objective was to show people that the game can be played without the need for dedicated hardware, just allowing the Google server to be heavy-lifting. However, the project stream demo is simply called a part of the comprehensive plan for Google’s gaming. The comprehensive plan coded Yeti Project within Google also includes the creation of a hardware device that makes it easier to stream games to Chromebook or PC.

In order to achieve the project successes for the way Google works, the company is expected to launch the hardware, which will be similar to the gaming console with the controllers. There is nothing known yet about the console will look like, but we know that the company is talking to big video game developers to increase their interest in the platform.

A report from 9To5Mac reveals that certain types of gamer-centric hardware are definitely on this path soon and it is very likely that GDC is where we will see it.

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