How to get Disney Plus on Hotstar

Disney Plus is an online stream service that is very popular in western countries like US, CANADA and UK. As it provides a tons of popular movies and TV shows like Marvel Movies and Cartoons shows like Doraemon and all that are owned by Disney Company. Get Disney Plus on Hotstar.

So, they recently had a deal with Fox the company behind the popular online streaming platform Hotstar, because of which Hotstar is now come under the hood of Disney. Because of this, Disney is now planning to launch its Disney Plus service in India with an integration to Hotstar. It doesn’t want to come India as a separate identity.

Ref: Now streaming on Hotstar in India: Disney+

How to get Disney Plus one HotStar?

Get Disney Plus Hotstar

As company, planned to come to India, through the Hotstar streaming service. Then, you just need to update your Hotstar app to get Disney Plus on your HotStar App.

What are the shows that will come with the entry of Disney Plus in India.

You’ll get Marvel Movies like Ant-Man, Avengers: All Parts, Guardians of Galaxy etc. Along with movies, you’ll also get Marvel Shows like Agent Carter, Inhumans, Runaways, Wandavision and Hawkeye.

You’ll also get Animated movies of Marvel like Ant-Man Shorts, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, and Rocket and Groot.

Along with movies, you’ll get all the parts of Star Wars. Disney plus is also producing their very own Disney Originals that are exclusive for this platform.

It is doing very well in the western countries like US, Canada and UK.


The Hotstar App is very popular in India, that’s why the decision of Disney is pretty appreciative. Because, this will save the cost of marketing and advertising. For now, the Disney Plus is coming at the same price of Hotstar Premium which is Rs.999. But, as per my expectations, the Hotstar will come up with a different plan for Disney plus.

There are some issues that comes in my mind. Disney promises to offer 4K streaming their content on Disney Plus. But, as they are coming to India through Hotstar App, the 4K won’t be able to come soon. Because, the Hotstar app doesn’t support 4K in their Android app, so Disney need to change the infrastructure to stream 4K content.

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