‘Frequently Forwarded’ messages can be blocked in WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp is taking strict action against Fake News and Miss-Information. In the last few months, the company has also introduced several new features for it. WhatsApp is now testing a new feature after new privacy settings for group users. This is for new feature groups. This will allow users to block “frequently forwarded” messages.

Remind you, Whatsapp is already working on two new features. In this, users will be able to find out how often a message has been forwarded. New features- “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded” have not been rolled out yet. But they have been seen in beta versions.

Keep in mind that this new privacy setting will only be visible to group administrators. It will be able to choose whether to block such messages or not. After the activation of this feature, any member of the group will not be able to send such messages.

This feature will definitely help prevent false information from spreading through Whatsapp. This latest update came after Whatsapp’s new privacy features roll-out. From the group feature, users will be able to decide which group they want to be ed in and not in what. To enable the new privacy feature, you will need to go to the Android or iOS app’s settings menu. From there, account> privacy> groups will have to be selected. In this you will get three options – Nobody, My Contacts or Everywhere. They mean:

Nobody: Before joining any group under this, for which you have been invited, you have to approve it.
My Contacts: This means that those who are edited in your Whatsapp contact list will be able to add you to any group without approval.
Everybody: This means that even those who have your number will be able to add you without approval.

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