Forget Foldable Smartphone, LG coming up with Stretchable Smartphone

Mobile World Congress (MWC) In 2019, phone maker companies Samsung and Huawei launched smartphones with foldable display. The new trend of foldable phones is starting in the smartphone market, but there is also a company that is doing some development from this trend. According to a report, South Korean company LG is working on Stretchable Smartphone.

Permission granted on LG’s Stretchable Display Patent

According to a report from the Android Headline, LG filed a patent in 2015, which has been granted permission. The company applied the patent at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. According to this patent, the company will make a Stretchable Smartphone. According to the patent, a display unit will be configured in mobile which can be expanded or stretched in at least one direction. Under the easy language, the phone’s display can be dragged.

It can be assumed that the company is working on an experimental technology or new factor of the screen. This patent does not indicate that this screen will be used for smartphones or for any other product. Also, according to the patent, many innovations are being done to replace the traditional flat display, which also has a flexible screen. There is an increase in the demand for different types of display. This is why the LG is thinking of launching a Stretchable Display.

LG did not have a foldable phone, but a TV with the foldable screen was definitely launched. It has been introduced in Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2019).

LG Signature OLED TV R

When this TV will be shut down, it looks like a furniture. The long stand that has been given is a sleek silver box. At the same time, sliding doors are located above the Dolby Music Sound System, which removes the screen from the top. Turning off its power, the TV goes back to the box. LG has created a special design page for this, which has a wide screen shape. It has a clock with a weather information in which a private photo or moving ambient design is given.

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