How to Filter Out non-English Tweets on Twitter?

Twitter is one of the social media platforms where I spend most of my day. I follow amazing people who share their knowledge and thoughts. But, some people are non-English speakers, so they sometimes tweet in other languages that I don’t understand.

So, I was wondering how we can solve this issue by filtering out all the non-English tweets on Twitter. After figuring out the method my Twitter experience was much better. Let me share the method to filter out non-English tweets on Twitter to improve your Twitter experience.

How to Filter Out non-English Tweets on Twitter?

To filter out non-English Tweets, follow these steps:

  1. Open in BrowserFilter Out non-English Tweets on Twitter
  2. Search for anything on TwitterFilter Out non-English Tweets on Twitter
  3. Click three dots and choose Advanced SearchFilter Out non-English Tweets on Twitter
  4. Choose your preferred language in the Language sectionFilter Out non-English Tweets on Twitter
  5. Hit the Search button to filter out non-English Tweets

It helps you to stay focused on what you’re searching for and avoid distractions. I would suggest using TweetDeck if you’re someone who loves to do multitasking. It presents all sections of Twitter on a single page so, you don’t need to visit different pages again and again.

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