Fast Charging Technologies in Smartphones

Out of battery?? Want to recharge it fast?? There are a whole lot of fast charging technologies present in the smartphone industry. Fast charging is the need of the hour. Everyone wants to juice up their phone battery in the least time possible. Smartphone companies have considered this aspect and have stepped up their charging game. Here are some of the fast charging technologies.

  • SUPERCHARGE 2.0 by Huawei
  • WARP CHARGE by OnePlus
  • QUICK CHARGE 4+ by Qualcomm
  • DASH CHARGE by OnePlus

These are some of the latest and the fastest charging technologies.

Super Vooc

Super Vooc charging technology is invented by none other than, Oppo. Vooc here stands for Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging. This is currently the fastest charging tech in the market. This technology offers a massive power supply of 50W with a rating of 10V and 5 A. This technology is currently available in Oppo R17 Pro. It can charge the phone from 0-100% in less than 40 mins. Can you even imagine ???

Super Charge 2.0

Super Charge 2.0 technology is invented by Huawei. It is the fastest technology in Huawei devices. It was first supported by Huawei P20 Pro. This tech offers an unbelievable 40W power supply. It can charge up the phone from 0-100% in just 68 mins. P20 Pro and phones after it support Super Charge 2.0.

Warp Charge

Warp charge technology is invented by OnePlus. It is the successor for Dash Charge. McLaren Edition Oneplus 6T was the first device with Warp Charge. The tech offers a power supply of 30 W. It charges up from 0-50% in just 20 mins. This is one of the fastest charging in recent times.

Quick Charge 4+

Quick Charge 4+ is invented by Qualcomm. It is the fastest in the company. It offers a power supply of  27W. This tech can charge the phone at super fast speeds.  Samsung Galaxy S10 (5G), Mi Mix 3 (5G), Pocco F1 etc support Quick Charge 4+.

Dash Charge

Dash Charge is older but still one of the faster-charging technology by OnePlus.  It offers a power supply of 20W. This can charge up the phone from 0 – 60% in just 35 mins. Warp Charge has now replaced Dash Charging.

Super Charge Turbo*

Super Charge Turbo technology is showcased by Xiaomi. It offers an unbelievable 100W fast charging. This tech can fully charge up the device from 0 – 100% in just 17 mins. Yes, you saw it right. 17 mins for a full charge. But this is still not commercially available and has only been seen in a video by Xiaomi.

Hope you liked the post. Do share your valuable comments below and also share your fast charging experience.

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    1. It has been tested by Xiaomi but still it is not commercially available. Seems to be just amazing.

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