Facebook will be charged $5 Billion dollars for Cambridge Analytica Privacy Scandal

Facebook come into privacy-related issues every other day. They apologize first and then start doing the same again. This was a continuos process. But Now, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of U.S. has voted for a settlement with Facebook for the Cambridge Analytica Privacy Scandal by charging $5 Billion Dollars. Reported by WSJ.

This matter has been transferred to the Civil Division of the Department of Justice and it is not clear how long it will take to finalize. Review of the Justice Department is part of the FTC process, but usually does not change the outcome of the decision.

In a settlement, other government restrictions are expected to be included, considering How Facebook treat the privacy of users. Additional words of disposal can not be learned immediately.

This scam revolves around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, the data firm which collected inappropriate information of more than 10 million Facebook users without their consent for targeted political advertisements during the 2016 election campaign.

The data collection came through an app called “This Is Your Digital Life”, which requested that Facebook users complete a survey for educational use. In reality, the app’s permissions allowed it not only to collect personal information on those Facebook users who took the survey, but also to their friends.

Facebook Cambridge Analytica

Facebook resumed its privacy practices in the wake of the scandal, but the company still faced many security loopholes by regulators investigating and marking an important moment in efforts to increase awareness about digital privacy.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called the Cambridge Analytica situation “dire” and has said on multiple events called for increased regulation to protect user privacy.

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Source : WSJ

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