Facebook Cryptocurrency : Facebook is about to launch its own Bitcoin

Social media giant, Facebook is going through bad times with many fluctuations, last month. However, according to the latest reports, social network giants Facebook has decided to launch their own cryptocurrency like bitcoin and ethereum.

Facebook is about to launch its own Bitcoin

Facebook is busy preparing to launch its cryptocurrency like bitcoin. This is being claimed in media reports. These reports are being said that Facebook is very serious about presenting its cryptocurrency. If this happens then users will be able to make payments in virtual currency such as ‘bitcoin’. Let us know that earlier reports had come that social networking site Facebook is exploring itself using blockchain technology. That is, Facebook is engaged in its expansion. Now the news of launching its crypto-currency has surprised everyone.

How did this disclose?

Tech website Cheddar says Facebook is very serious about its own cryptocurrency. Facebook has 2 billion users worldwide After the launch of the crypto, these users will be able to make payments through virtual currency such as bitcoin. Facebook Messenger’s executive charge David Marcos says that they are establishing a small group. This group is being formed so that the blockchain can be found to get the best advantage.

Facebook blockchain technology

However, a second report says that there is no plan to bring Facebook’s cryptocurrency. It has been said that there is no plan to bring a so-called initial coin offer (ICO) by offering a limited number of virtual tokens to buy Facebook at a fixed price. However, Facebook’s own blockchain technology says that like other companies, Facebook is also looking for ways to take advantage of the blockchain technology power. For this, the team will discover many new applications. However, Facebook has not shared much information about this.

What happens to cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. In this, encryption technology is used to regulate and verify the currency. Apart from this, the same technique is used to validate the transfer of funds. You can also call the crypto currency as a 21st Century currency.

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