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Facebook changed policies for Live Streaming, on breaking rules, account will be suspended

Facebook has taken lessons from the live streaming incident of terrorist attacks in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and has now created a forest strike policy to stop live streaming and sharing. Facebook has said that the companies will be banned from breaking the policy of live streaming feature of Facebook. Apart from this, if a user has made a live streaming of any violent video on his Facebook wall, then he will not be able to use this feature again. 50 people were killed in the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

Guy Rosen, Vice President, Facebook Integrity said that in March, a live attack on the two mosques in Christchurch was broadcast live. Not only this, many users shared the video of this violent incident in the social media.

Rosen said that in such a way our efforts are to limit such service so that Facebook can not be used to spread hatred. For this, the company is going to implement the One Strike policy. After the implementation of this policy, the account or features of the user who break the conditions given in it will be banned.

Facebook’s ‘Such’ Video Removal Challenge

Rosen said that if a user shares a link to a terrorist organization’s statement on Facebook, then this would also be considered a violation of Facebook’s policy. The company will be banned from such a person’s Facebook account. Rosen said that the video of the terrorist attack in New Zealand was removed by the number of Facebook users, but many users shared an edited version of this objectionable video. This is also a challenge for us.

Using Facebook Ai

In Australia and New Zealand, Facebook is using Facebook Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify hate groups and remove them from their platform. Such groups will not be able to use any Facebook service. Facebook had last week announced that it would restrict the white nationalism and white separatism or its support. This ban on Facebook and Instagram will be implemented next week.

Facebook has contracted with three US universities to improve photo and video analysis techniques. For this, he is spending $ 7.5 million (about Rs 51 crore).

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