Counter Strike: Condition Zero – CD Activation KEY [Process]

Counter-Strike – Condition Zero was one of the very old shooting games under the Counter-Strike franchise. It was a very popular (first-person shooter(FPS) game launched by Valve and Sierra Entertainment. It was released in the month of March 2004. Condition Zero was based on the GoldSrc engine and has a multiplayer mode, which features updated character models, textures, maps, and other graphical tweaks.

Condition Zero has featured in tournaments play though it was not able to generate that much interest from players of the original Counter-Strike as their newer version Counter-Strike: Global Offensive did.

If you were a fan of Counter-Strike – Condition Zero, you may like to play it in this modern era, or your computer is not that powerful to run this game, then I would recommend you to buy it from Steam.

How to Activate Condition Zero with CD Key?

Condition Zero CD Key Activation

If you have bought Condition Zero from Steam, probably you won’t need a CD Key to activate the game but instead the game will be automatically activated. But, in case you wanted to install a copy from CD, you need to follow the steps:

Step 1: Mount the CD or file from Removable Disk

You need to mount the CD or any iso file from Removable Disk

Step 2: Grab the exe file and install the Game

After you get the .exe file you need to install the Condition Zero Game

Step 3: Run Counter-Strike: Condition Zero from the Desktop

Step 4: Enter the CD-Key that you received with your copy

You always get a CD Key with your copy of the counter strike.

If you didn’t get a key with you or your key is not working then, you can use the following universal key:

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero CD Activation Key(Click here)




Important: Never download games from unauthorized websites, only use legit and official ones. Unofficial websites can contain malware and ultimately affect your computer from malware or your system can compromise the security.

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