How to connect FTP server on Windows using WinSCP

Guide to connect FTP server on Windows – FTP servers are a great way to store and share files with your organization or institution. If you are a Windows user, you may find it difficult to connect to an FTP server. It’s pretty easy to set up an FTP connection on Linux but confusing on Windows. However, the complexity will be simplified with this easy-to-follow guide.

In this tutorial, I will help you to connect FTP server on Windows using WinSCP. It will allow you to connect different kinds of FTPs and SFTP servers to your Windows computer. It will simplify the process of transferring your files to an FTP server.

What is FTP and FTP server?

In simple words, FTP is the file transfer protocol that is used to transfer files from local to server and vice versa. It is commonly used by corporations and web developers. It is one of the best methods to upload a big chunk of files from a local computer to a server.

FTP server is simply the server where we connect using FTP or file transfer protocol to upload and share our files. If a server doesn’t have FTP server software, then we cannot connect to the server using FTP. You can’t upload files without FTP server software installed on the server-side.

What is WinSCP?

WinSCP is one of the best and free open-source FTP and SFTP client software for Windows. It also supports WebDAV, S3 and SCP for Windows. It helps you to transfer your local files to a remote server. You can also use WinSCP as a generic File manager with basic functionality.

How to connect FTP server on Windows using WinSCP?

To connect FTP server on Windows using WinSCP, follow these steps:

  1. To being with, download the WinSCP FTP software from their website
  2. Choose installation directory while following the instructions to install the WinSCP FTP software on Windows
  3. Launch the WinSCP FTP software from the Windows start menu or taskbar
  4. Click on “New Session” to add a new FTP connection in WinSCP FTP softwareconnect FTP server on Windows using WinSCP
  5. Enter your FTP server IP address and Port in the popup box to connect FTP server on Windowsconnect FTP server on Windows using WinSCP
  6. If your FTP server is not public then enter the credentials to authenticate and connect the FTP server on Windows
  7. Click on Login and then verify it again with a password, if you’re asked for it.
  8. You’ve successfully connected to the FTP server. Now you can Copy or Move files from local to remote FTP servers.How to connect FTP server on Windows using WinSCP?

Note: If you’re using a public computer, always delete the session permanently before leaving the PC. It’s a good practice to avoid unauthorized access to your FTP server.

Video Tutorial

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