Business Owners can now reply to the public reviews on Google My Business

Google My Business

As we all know, Google Business is a great tool by Google which is empowering small and big businesses. Not only in India but worldwide, except some countries like China and North Korea. Google Business helps small businesses to get noticed locally and globally. They list small and big businesses in their search results, which helps them to get attention in their local area as well as global.

They also provide service like the free website to the business owners to showcase their products. It also has a section of rate and review, where the customers can share their valuable reviews about that particular shop or business. It helps other users to get a rough idea about that particular shop or business.

Business Owners can now reply to the public reviews on Google My Business

Now Google introduced a new feature of reply to the public reviews through the Google My Business interface. This way the business owners can say thanks or reply to a complaint by a customer.

If you’re a business owner, and you don’t have a Google My Business account. You should immediately sign up for that.

You first go the official website and register yourself and your business. Next step, you will get a letter from Google My Business team and in that letter, you will get a pin which you need to enter in your profile. This process is done to verify the address of your business.

After verification of your address, you’re ready to get listed in Google’s search results.

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