Best WhatsApp Alternatives in China [Updated for 2021]

Best WhatsApp Alternatives in China – WhatsApp is the best cross-platform instant messaging application that is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and even Web versions. WhatsApp was founded by Jan Koum and later acquired by Facebook for an insane amount of money.

The thing I liked the most about WhatsApp is the fact that it is 100% Free. You are not required to pay anything in order to make use of their service. All you need is just an Internet connection of any form and that’ it. You are not all required to subscribe to any subscription or anything of that sort.

Recently, WhatsApp also introduced a web version that can be used to access your WhatsApp Chats directly from your computer. And also reports suggest that WhatsApp is already working on a stand-alone version of the messaging service for PC as well.

We all know WhatsApp is banned in China and a regular user from China cannot access any WhatsApp services unless he/she is using a VPN. This is where WhatsApp Alternatives for China comes into play. These WhatsApp Alternatives will function just like WhatsApp but can also be accessed from China.

Why China banned WhatsApp?

The number one reason why China banned the use of WhatsApp is due to security issues. As you all know, WhatsApp dynamically keeps its user’s data in data centers across the globe and this is what China doesn’t like. They are very much concerned about the Chinese user’s privacy and they want all their user’s data to be stored in China itself. This is the number one reason why China has banned WhatsApp. 

Best WhatsApp Alternatives in China

I will be listing a few apps like WhatsApp that will allow us to not just send text messages but also files like Images, Docs, and even Videos.

1. WeChat

Best WhatsApp Alternatives in China

The first app on our list is WeChat. WeChat is a popular messaging application that’s just more than a simple messenger. This comes with lots and lots of other features like mini-stories, games, news, video/voice calls, etc. The app is already having more than a billion installations and is by far one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp in China.

In WhatsApp, the number of members you can add to a group is limited to just 256 people but in WeChat this limit is pushed all the way to 500 members, meaning that the limit almost doubled here. Apart from this, you get all the standard features that are available in WhatsApp like Video/voice call, Status updates, real-time location sharing, multimedia file sharing, etc.

Moments, Time Capsule, Sticker Gallery, Mini programs, Top Stories, Games, WeChat Pay, etc are some other important features in WeChat that are not available in WhatsApp.

App Name: WeChat

Available for both Android & iOS



Best WhatsApp Alternatives in China

Line is ranking number 1 in 51 different countries, and the reason for the same is the immense popularity of Line Messaging service. Line cannot be called like a regular messaging application. It comes with Voice and Video call support that is something everyone needs in this

era. WhatsApp only got this feature recently, but Line was having the calling feature a long back and works like a charm.

Line supports up to 200 people in a single group which is very less when compared with WeChat. There is something called Timeline in this app that will let you share your favorite moments of the day, pics, etc, essentially it is like the Status feature that is available in WhatsApp.

A dedicated Sticker shop is available in Line and you can send those to your chats easily. All your Line chats are always synced with all your devices like Android, iOS, and PC. So, you don’t have to worry about syncing messages.

App Name: Line

Available for both Android & iOS



Best WhatsApp Alternatives in China

Viber is yet another WhatsApp alternative with one cool feature that is not available in WhatsApp and the majority of other apps discussed in the article. Viber got a unique feature that will you make phone calls to non-Viber Members, and the best part is that you can even make direct phone calls to landline numbers. If you were using WhatsApp then you could only make voice calls to other WhatsApp members only but that’s not the case with Viber.

You can create groups with upto 250 people which same as WhatsApp. Another one thing that I liked the most is Self Destructive Messages option. This is something we have seen in Snapchat, the same feature is available in Viber and you can set a time limit and after which the message will be deleted from both the sender’s end and receiver’s end.

App Name: Viber

Available for both Android & iOS



KakaoTalk is one of the fastest and multifaceted messaging apps that have the ability to send not just text but also Images, Docs, and Videos. With over 150 million+ users worldwide, KakaoTalk easily lets you communicate with each other or even do a voice call.

While making a phone call you can do multi-tasking with KakaoTalk. You can send messages, view status updates or even send images and videos while you are on a call in KakaoTalk, which is really nice.

App Name: KakaoTalk

Available for both Android & iOS


How to use WhatsApp in China?

If you still want to use WhatsApp in China then all you need is just a VPN app or a proxy. VPN or Virtual Private Network will change your device’s IP address and then you can use the masked IP address to use WhatsApp in China. Any VPN app that has a Chinese server will suffice your need and you will be able to use WhatsApp in China without any hiccups. 

WhatsApp is also having different versions of it like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, YOWA, etc that are modified versions of WhatsApp by third party people, built-in VPNs can help you bypass geo-restrictions and use WhatsApp in China with a VPN.

So, these are our recommendations on some apps like WhatsApp that can be used to send text messages, share images, videos, and documents, etc within and out of China. You can download any one of those and start chatting with your friends in China right away.

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  1. Nice Information. These apps will also be used by normal people also. Because of the Image compression taking place in WhatsApp. Image compression is the only worst part In WhatsApp because whenever we snap a high-quality photo and share it with friends they are not receiving the exact quality which we sent. But anyhow, love you always…cheers.

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