7 Best Telegram Groups for Book Lovers in 2021

Are you a Book Lover and love reading Books? Even I also love reading books every day. This year my aim is to read at least 30 books. I am pretty sure, I will complete my resolution, wish me luck in the comment section. Let’s come to the topic, in this blog post I will be sharing Best Telegram groups for book lovers where you’ll find book lovers like you and me. I personally joined them and I love having a conversation with people of the same interest.

Before we dive into the list of best telegrams for book lovers, we try to figure out possible answers for a few questions that may come in your mind.

Why You Should Join a Telegram group of Book Lovers?

Maybe this comes in your mind when you were about to read this article. So, let me answer this for you. Joining Community of your interest has a lot of benefits such as:

  • Community: When you join a group or community, you’ll get people of the same interest as your like in this case book reading.
  • Share Stuffs: When you join a group you can share facts and other information and knowledge you gained from different books.
  • Discussions: When you join a Telegram Group of Book lovers, you can discuss stuff related to books like your likes/dislikes, opinions, and reviews.
  • Recommendations: When you join a group you can give recommendations or take other’s recommendations related to book reading.
  • Challenges: You can have friendly challenges with other members of the group, this makes book reading more fun and interesting.

These are some of the benefits that you get by joining Telegram groups of Book Lovers. I hope you found it fun and interesting. Let’s dive into the list of best telegram groups for book lovers.

7 Best Telegram Groups for Book Lovers

I am sharing these best telegram groups for book lovers which I personally tried and found very helpful. Have a look at them individually and join the group by clicking on the invite link.

1. Books Mania – Best Group for Book Lovers

Books Mania is a group on telegram with more than 80,000 members. It is the perfect group for Book Lovers, you can discuss with other people, recommend them books or read their recommendation, rate books, review books, and you’ll have a lot of fun.

Join Books Mania

2. Books Self Help

Books Self Help is a telegram group where members discuss about self-help, fictional, non-fictional books. I love the useful conversation going on in this group and enjoy it a lot. It is a group with more than 20,000 members. I would recommend you to join if you’re interested in the Self-Help book reading. Try it out now and let me know in the comments that you liked it or not.

Join Books Self help

3. English Books

English Books is a telegram group where peoples discuss English Books that are best for reading and gaining English knowledge. Peoples share their reviews and rating about Books and also recommend good books to other peoples. I found this group very helpful, someone recommended me to read Sapiens and I found this book very interesting, you can also buy it on Amazon. I would recommend you to join this group if you’re interested in English Literature.

Join English Books

4. Books House

Books House is a small yet the best community of book lovers on Telegram. I’ve been a part of this community from the last few months and I got a lot of help from them. Here peoples share their opinion on books, members are very friendly and help each other. I would recommend you to join this community, it has around 5k members at the time of writing this article.

Join Books House

5. eBook Room

eBook Room is another group of book lovers, here they mainly focus on discussing Kindle releases and other eBooks. I would recommend you to join this group if you are a kindle owner, they have a lot of good recommendation near your website. It is one of the best telegram group for book lovers. They recommend great books for kindle devices and other eBook platforms.

Join eBook Room

6. Books Bag – Best Telegram Group for Book Lovers

Books Bag is the best telegram group for peoples who doesn’t want to spend a lot on books or it’s out of budget. Members of this group share amazing books for free which are available in the public domains like Project Gutenberg and Internet Archive. I would recommend you to join this telegram group, it is very helpful for those who can’t afford books to read.

Note: Downloading books which are not in the public domain is illegal, we do not promote such things, so please be careful.

Join Books Bag

7. Book House RRRS Group

Book House RRRS Group is the oldest Telegram group of Book Lovers that I joined. It is a group of peoples who love reading books worldwide, you’ll get great recommendations from peoples and you can also share your recommendation with other peoples. So, I would recommend you to join this telegram group right now. There’s one bot is implemented that helps you with the recommendation of books you need to type the relevant commands.

Join Book House RRRS Group


I have already explained the benefit of joining a community or group either its Whatsapp or telegram. So, enjoy your hobby or interest with like-minded peoples.

Disclaimer: We just listed these groups for educational purpose, we are not responsible for the type of content shared on these groups. We are no way affiliated with these groups, we are just sharing these groups and ordering them according to relevancy.

Thanks for reading this post, we are very thankful to you. This list of Best Telegram Groups for Book Lovers is composed by Abhishek Verma, the editor in chief at Innovative Beast. You can follow him on Twitter and message them to share your thoughts on our blog. Also, follow Innovative Beast on Twitter for the latest updates related to Technology.

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7 Best Telegram Groups for Book Lovers in 2020

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