11 Best Podcasts for Bloggers to Listen in 2021

Podcasts are getting very popular in this modern era, peoples are fond of listening to podcasts rather than reading huge blog posts. If you are a blogger and just started your blogging journey then you may have to spend a lot of time reading articles and consuming video content. Along with reading and watching videos, I would recommend you to listen to daily podcasts related to Blogging and your niche. I am here with best podcasts for bloggers and digital marketers.

In this article, I am publishing a list of podcasts that every Blogger and content marketer should listen to. These daily podcasts help you a lot in growing your blog and improve your personality and skills. So, let’s jump into it.

Why You Should Listen To Podcasts for Bloggers?

Let’s start with the basics, why podcasts are very important for your growth and why should you listen to different podcasts. The following are some of the reasons that support the importance of Podcasts for bloggers and content/digital marketers.

  • Podcasts help you to improve your productivity, personality, and skills.
  • Podcasts help you in learning the new SEO tactics and content writing skills from the experts in the content marketing industry.
  • They help you to keep yourself updated about every other change in your industry.
  • Podcasts help you in finding new content/blog ideas and discovering and making new marketing strategies.
  • Podcasts are helping peoples in learning new skills and finding their passions. Podcasters like Gary Vee and Pat Flynn are changing people’s perspectives toward Podcasting.

How to Get Most Out of a Podcast for Bloggers?

Dear Bloggers, Listening to a podcast is not enough to be productive and get all the benefits as I explained in the above section. There are some actions that you need to take on your own to get the most out of a Podcast. Do the following things right after listening to a podcasts show:

  • Make Notes: Let’s consider, you’re listening to a podcast related to blogging and the host was discussing some important tips to get a higher ranking on Google, then you should jot them down on any Notepad app. I would recommend you to use Google Keep, it’s a free tool by Google which back up your notes and they are accessible everywhere(Web, Android, iOS and PC).
  • Make A Strategy: If you were listening to a podcast where the host was discussing some action plans for better engagement and improving blog traffic. After listening to the podcast you should break the points in different sections and make a strategy.
  • Make Action Plans: After making a proper strategy, start making an action plan so, you can properly execute your strategy, and get the most out of it.
  • Bring the action: Now everything planned and now start working on the action plan to get the most out of your blog or website.
  • Compare the Results: As you properly implemented the points suggested by the host of the podcast, now it’s time to compare the before and after results of your blog and other skills. You’ll find yourself in a better place.

11 Best Podcasts for Bloggers to listen in 2021

Over the internet, you’ll find a lot of Podcasts that are related to Blogging and Content Marketing. They all upload content which is very helpful for Bloggers. But, not everyone has the same knowledge and experience, this is a natural truth. So, I have compiled a list of podcasts that are popular and hosted by people who have a lot of knowledge and experience in Blogging Field. I listen to these podcasts and I would recommend you that you should listen to them. So, let’s have a look.

1. Marketing School

Marketing School - Best Podcasts for Bloggers

Hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu

Topic: Digital Marketing and Blogging

Marketing School is one of the popular podcasts on Anchor, Spotify, and other platforms. It is hosted by the pioneer of Digital Marketing, Neil Patel, and Eric Siu. In their daily podcasts, these Blogging gurus discuss SEO, Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing in general. Marketing School is a daily 10-minute podcast that can help you in improving your digital marketing strategies and add some more value to your blogging life. I listen to this podcast regularly to get a daily dose of marketing and blogging knowledge.

Neil Patel is a pioneer and his journey in this Digital Marketing world is very fascinating. He share his journey of his digital marketing and Blogging world in this podcast. Actionable Social Media and Blogging tips will help you to skyrocket your Boost your rankings and Skyrocket your traffic. I learned a lot from his podcasts and videos. Marketing School is one of the best podcasts, every blogger and content marketer should listen to it.

Listen to Marketing School Podcast

2. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn - Best Podcast for Bloggers

Hosted by Pat Flynn

Topic: Money Making, Content Marketing and Passive Income Techniques

Smart Passive Income is a podcast by the very popular online money making guru, Pat Flynn. He is the most experienced person in the podcasting industry. He started podcasting in 2009, at that time Podcasting was pretty new on the planet. Pat figured out the potential of podcasts and started working on it in the early days. It is one of the best podcasts where Pat Flynn talks about online money-making and blogging techniques that can help every blogger to grow their bloggers.

I listen to Pat Flynn personally and learned a lot from him. He is the person with almost 12-13 years of experience in content creation. He regularly do podcasts and sometimes invite other people on his show and interview them, and the peoples share their journey. You can learn from their experiences.

Pat Flynn shares his online business and blogging strategies and action plans with the audience. He reveals his income sources and powerful marketing tips which can help you to make the right decision and implement them in your business. Pat Flynn teaches us, How we can generate passive income sources in our business. Here’s a small

Although, Pat Flynn is not a millionaire but makes 6 figures a month and that’s 100% passive income generated by different sources. As per the information around his blog, He makes Passive income with the help of Automation, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, E-books, Blogs, and Podcasts. Smart Passive Income is one of the best podcasts on making money online, for bloggers and digital marketers, they should listen to it and learn from it.

Listen to Smart Passive Income Podcast

3. ProBlogger Podcast

Problogger - Best Podcast for Bloggers

Hosted By Darren Rowse

Topic: Blogging and SEO

ProBlogger Podcast is a podcast hosted by Darren Rowse, the founder of ProBlogger.com where he share actionable Blogging Tips and SEO Strategies. He is one of the peoples who came into Blogging and stayed there for years. He comes up with helpful guides on content creation and case studies that make you have a better understanding of Blogging and SEO.

Darren Rowse has been blogging since 2002 and making a full time living with Blogging and Podcasts. He has two blogs named DigitalPhotographySchool and ProBlogger. His podcasts are all about start, grow, and monetize a blog to make money with the help of content marketing. Darren discussed his journey and share the methodology that you should use to get the most out of your blog and make money online.

He has been doing it since 2004 and helping other bloggers in making money online. I also started my first blog at the age of 15 and at that time I got inspiration from Darren Rowse. I followed his tips and now I am also a successful blogger making 4-5 figures a month. Darren Rowse shares his years of experience and knowledge in this podcast, so this is one of the best podcasts that I would recommend for every other blogger and digital marketer. You can know more about Darren Rowse in the video below:

Listen to ProBlogger Podcast.

4. Blogging Your Passion Podcast

Blogging Your Passion Podcast

Hosted by Jonathan Milligan

Topics: Blogging, Making Money Online and Time Management

Blogging Your Passion Podcast is hosted by Jonathan Milligan. He shares the methods of making money online that works.  BYP Podcast help you in every other step towards blogging and make your blog more successful with their content ideas and Blogging tips. Along with Blogging knowledge, Milligan helps you in managing your time and be more productive. Time management tips by Milligan help you to stop wasting time and use your time wisely to make profit and bring some positivity in your life. I find his podcast very helpful for beginners, but if you’re already an experienced person, then I won’t recommend you to listen to this podcast.

Listen to Blogging Your Passion Podcast.

5. The Lively Show

The Lively Show

Hosted by Jess

Topics: Blogging, Career, Personal Growth

The Lively Show is a podcast worth listening to hosted by Jess. If you want knowledge related to Career, Bloggers, and Self Growth then this is the best podcast to listen in 2021. Jess guides us through different career options that we can pursue and If you’re not feeling engaged with your work, Jess will help you with that. You can improve your personality with the help of this podcast. Jess invites a lot of successful peoples who are inspirations on her show and the guests share their journey to success. Host of Podcast asks well-thought questions to get the perfect career advice for the listeners of the podcast.  I personally listen to the podcast when I feel a lack of push and motivation towards work.

Listen to The Lively Show Podcast

6. How They Blog Podcast

How They Blog

Hosted By Kat Lee

Topics: Blogging, SEO and Content Writing

How They Blog as the name suggest is a podcast about blogging journeys of other successful bloggers. Lee’s idea behind this podcast is to invite successful bloggers to her podcast and let them talk about their journey so, that audience can learn from their experience. In every other episode of this podcast, there’s a new successful blogger sharing his/her story with the audience.

When I was scrolling through the list of episodes of this podcast, I noticed that all the podcasts are done on a specific topic. It is a very good idea, because with this audience know that they can find an answer to a question in a particular podcast episode. I personally listened to many episodes of this podcast and found it very helpful. You will learn a lot about Blogging, Content Creation, and SEO on this podcast, so add it to your list.

Listen to How They Blog Podcast

7. The Perpetual Traffic Podcast by Digital Marketer

Perpetual Traffic

Hosted by Keith Krance, Ralph Burns, and Molly Pittman

Topics: Digital Marketing, SEO

The Perpetual Traffic Podcast by Digital Marketer is a podcast hosted by three intellectuals named Keith Krance, Ralph Burns, and Molly Pittman. In this podcast they share modern strategies to bring sales and traffic with the help of content marketing and SEO. They share the actionable strategies to bring more and targeted traffic and make more sales. They mostly focus on paid advertisements from Facebook Ads to Google Ads and etc. But, they also share free SEO techniques that bring sales and make you more money.

Listen to The Perpetual Traffic Podcast

8. The Bishnu Mahali

The Bishnu Mahali Show

Topics: Blogging, SEO and Entrepreneurship

The Bishnu Mahali Show is a podcast by Bishnu Mahali. He shared tips related to Blogging, SEO and making money online. Following his blogging tips you can improve your content writing and make your content more thorough and engaging. He has been in the Blogging industry from last 5 years.

He also share the SEO Techniques that he himself practice and achive good rankings on Google. Bishnu is also good at making money online, he will share the methods which you can use to make a handsome amount of money.

Listen to The Bishnu Mahali Show Podcast

9. Being Boss Podcast

Being Boss - Best Podcasts for Bloggers

Hosted by Emily Thompson, Kathleen Shannon

Topics: Blogging

Blogging is a very creative and thoughtful work, so the stressed mood won’t let your creativity come out of the podcast. Being a Boss podcast helps you keep your mind cool and productive. The Blogging Tips shared by Emily Thompson and Kathleen are very helpful to unveil your creativity, and along with that they also help you to make your blog posts more engaging. Being Boss let you grow your blog and content writing skills, As per my opinion, this is the best among the podcasts that bloggers and digital marketers should listen to.

Listen to Being Boss Podcast

10. The Blog Millionaire

Blogging Millionaire
Source: BrandonGaille.com

Hosted by Brandon Gaille

Topics: SEO, Blogging, WordPress

The Blog Millionaire is a podcast hosted by Brandon Gille who shares stories about reaching 1 million daily visitors on one of his websites. He explains all the stuff related to SEO, Blogging, Content Writing, WordPress and Social Media. He also teaches some of his secret SEO techniques that brought success to his website. You can learn from the techniques he used and implement them in your blog to make your blog more and more successful. I would recommend every other blogger out there to listen to this podcast, it is one of the best podcasts for bloggers.

Listen to The Blog Millionaire Podcast – Play Store

11. Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy

Hosted by Amy Potterfield

Topics: Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Online Marketing Made Easy is a podcast by Amy Potterfield where he shares his knowledge about Digital Marketing, Content Creation, SEO, and Social Media. After following the tips of Amy you’ll be able to write great content that generates leads and sales. You will also see a huge difference in traffic after following the SEO tips shared by Amy. He shared the case studies that he did on SEO and let the audience act on it. Potterfield also shares his strategies that help you to leverage the power of social media and let you generate sales from social media and get traffic to your blog. It is also one of the best podcasts for digital marketers and bloggers that I would recommend to listen in 2021.

Listen to Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

So, these were the best podcasts for Bloggers to listen in 2021. If you have any suggestions or if I missed someone, then please let me know in the comment section, I would definitely add them into my list. Also, Follow us on Twitter for the latest tech related updates. This post was written by Abhishek Verma, Editor in chief, you can also follow him on Twitter, and chat with him.

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