Apple’s iCloud App is now available for Windows users. You can download it from the Microsoft Store.

iCloud App for Windows will have the same experience as in OneDrive. It introduces a new iCloud Drive experience for Windows 10 users powered by the Windows technology to boost users’ offline productivity and allow quick file exchanges on iPhone’s iOS,   Giorgio Sardo Written in a blog post on Tuesday. .

Sardo said that this offer will allow Windows 10 users to safely store all their files in Drive. They can also access them later anytime from their iPhone, MacBook or

Apple users will be able to seamlessly share any file from File Explorer and collaborate with others. All the editing will be synchronized across all users’ devices.

Last year, PC with iCloud installed were stopped from installing the latest Windows 10 update.

Although Apple eventually released its update, which was compatible with Windows 10, PC users still faced slow speeds and other issues, added to the report.

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