Apple fixed iOS App Store bug that was preventing app downloads

Apple fixed iOS App Store bug that was preventing iOS users from downloading or updating apps. This bug impacted a few number of unknown users. The issue was a “Terms & conditions popup that would continue to display even when users Agree to it.

The bug had frustrated users who used Twitter to try to get help from Apple Support.

Some News Portals like 9to5Mac and AppleInsider reported on the problem, citing complaints from Apple users on social networks. The Apple support account had not publicly responded to those who had approached, beyond asking customers to contact through DM with more details or pointing out those with vague complaints to a support document about connection problems .

The bug affected a small percentage of Apple’s iOS user base around the world, as we understand people familiar with the problem at Apple. However, even a “small number” can be great, when it comes to something like the base installation of the iPhone.

In addition, the error was not limited to a non-launched developer or a beta version of iOS, 9to5Mac had observed, but was also appearing in the public version (iOS 12.2).

There was no solution that allowed users to skip the Terms and Conditions pop-up window to download applications and updates. All the users could do was tap “Cancel” to exit the loop so they could continue using their phone.

We understand that Apple fixed iOS App Store bug that should be implemented in a matter of hours.

This Bug Fix correction does not require affected users to take any steps on their own, such as downloading an update or patch, for example, it will be resolved in the App Store backend instead.

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