How to Add Images to Reddit Text Posts in 2021?

Reddit is one of my favorite social media websites, and I love to participate in discussions. It helps me to socialize with people and get the latest updates and news related to technology, and other topics. Subreddits are a very good concept because they help people to find information related to a particular topic without messing up in between everything like on Twitter and Facebook.

In subreddits, we have different options to create posts. We can share Images, Link, videos, Polls, and Descriptive text Posts. However, some people like me love to add images to their text posts. Images are good for explaining a particular topic and also help our post to get noticed easily.

But, for some reason, Reddit doesn’t give us the option to add images to our text posts. However, there’s a way to add images to Reddit text posts. In this article, I will be sharing the way to add images to Reddit text posts.

Steps to Add Images to Reddit Text Posts:

Step 1: Open the website

Step 2: Upload the Image the image you want to add in Reddit Text Posts

Step 3: Open uploaded image in a new tab

Step 4: Grab Image source URL with .png or .jpg at the end

Step 5: Paste the URL to add Images to Reddit Text Posts

Step 6: Submit the Reddit Text Post

Now, the Reddit post will display your uploaded image and highlight the post in Subreddit which will help you to get attention in the subreddit.

I hope you found this article helpful then please share it in your Reddit community or on social media like Twitter, Keep visiting for informational posts related to technology. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hey Abhishek Verma ,

    Awesome post with fabulous work. You have provided helpful tips for adding images to Reddit text posts. Yes Reddit is really a great site to get new updates and news related to technology and other various topics, whereas this site also allows user to take part in discussions & conversations. Your each listed steps for adding an images to Reddit text posts are so clear, simple, easy to understand & follow. Following the steps will be helpful and allows users to include an images to Reddit Text posts very easily. Good work and keep sharing more similar post.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such a helpful post.


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