How to Add Flaticon to Google Docs?

Flaticon is a huge library of vector icons which is supported by tons of vector artists all around the world. Most of the vectors in this library are free to use under Creative Commons until you attribute their work. It’s good to add Flaticon in your Google Docs to make your documents more appealing.

In this tutorial, I am gonna teach you the method to add Flaticon to your Google Docs. So, without wasting time, Let’s have a look at our tutorial.

Why add Flaticon in Google Docs?

  1. Icons make document more appealing: I would recommend to use icons in your documents and slides to make them more appealing and professional. Icons can improve the impression on the person whom you’re going to submit.
  2. One picture worth ten thousand words: It’s a famous quote by Bernard, which means that you can explain things more easily with a picture or icon rather than writing a long paragraph explaining the same thing.

Steps to Add Flaticon to Google Docs :

1. Create a new document

You need to create a new document in Google docs. You can start a new Google document by visiting in your browser, this is a new shortcut that most of the peoples aren’t aware of.

2. Click on Add-ons from the menu

On the Google docs page, you’ll see an option “Add-ons”, click on that and then go to “Get Add-ons”.

3. Search for “Flaticon” in G-Suite Marketplace

When you click on “Get Add-ons“, you’ll get a pop-up, with a tons of add-ons listed, you need to search for “Flaticon” from the search bar given above and then click on “Icons from Flaticon” add-on.

Add Flaticon Google docs

4. Install “Icons from Flaticon” Add-on

When you search for Flaticon in G Suite Marketplace, you get “Icons from Flaticon” add-on, click on it. Now, on next page, you’ll get an option to install the add on, just click on Install button and then it will ask for some permissions.

install or add flaticon in Google docs

Add Flaticons Google Docs

Allow Flaticon

5. Add Flaticon icons to Google Docs

As of now, the Flaticon add-on is successfully added. Now, let’s add icons to our document in Google Docs. For this, go to Add-ons»Icons from Flaticon»Start

Now, this will start the Flaticon panel, and you’ll see a section for icons in the right side of screen. In this panel, you can search for particular icon and add it to your document, refer to the pictures below.

Flaticon Panel

Add Flaticon to Google Docs

Search for icon and then, click on Insert to add it to your document in Google Docs.

Add Flaticon Google docs

Now, you successfully add the Flaticon to Google Docs document.


Flaticon is a very huge collection of icons that are submitting by different vector artists. Flaticon provide both free and paid icons, if you’re using free icons, then kindly attribute to pay respect to their work.

Using icons can make your document more appealing and eye-catching. So, I would recommend to use icons and images to your documents and slides to make it more understandable. Because, without images text just becomes a painted wall, and reader doesn’t get interested in reading all that.

One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words

– Barnard

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