5G Technology : Explained

5G Technology

5G is the latest wireless communication technology, offering the fastest data speeds and highest security standards till date. With the introduction of 5G technology in the market(commercially up to 2020), the whole scenario of data transmission will be changed for times to come.

5G will be way ahead from its predecessor(4G) in terms of data speed (up to 10 times) and power efficiency (up to 90%) and much more.

5G Technology

Features of 5G

  • Speed –  5G  will offer blazing fast data speeds up to 20 Gbps (download)  and 10 Gbps (upload) which is miles away from the previous generation(4G) having  150 Mbps (download) and 50 (upload).
  • Latency – The delay in data transmission in 5G would be as low as 1 ms which is way low than 4G (50 ms).
  • Bandwidth – 5G will offer huge bandwidth up to 1000 times than 4G.
  • Connectivity – It will offer connectivity(devices per area ) up to 100 times 4G.
  • Consumption – It will offer 90% less power consumption than 4G.
  • Battery Life – It will offer a battery life of 10 years for low IoT powered devices.

  • Data Transmission – The data speeds have drastically improved from the previous generation providing a seamless data usage experience with enhanced bandwidth.
    The speeds offered will take internet surfing experience to next level, from best quality video streaming to quick downloads, from fast uploads to seamless browsing, the internet experience will be changed forever.
  • IoT devices – 5G will bring a revolution in the industry of IoT devices. IoT devices are those which are interconnected with the help of internet. IoT devices are demands of modular lifestyles. IoT devices require real-time data transmissions. With 5G’s low latency, the devices can communicate in real -time and provide larger than life experience.

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