10 Tips for buying a new smartphone

Looking for a new smartphone? Want to upgrade your old smartphone? Here are 10 things to keep in mind before buying a new smartphone.

1. Brand

The brand name is one of the most important aspects of buying a new smartphone. By brand, we do not mean only premium brands, but the trustable brands. The trustable brand offers quality service, timely software updates, more and improved features, and satisfactory after-sales services. They offer a reliable product. You should keep in mind the number of service centers of a brand, available near you. Customer reviews and ratings for a brand play a crucial role in the brand reputation. The examples of some trustable smartphone brands in India are Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Asus, Realme, OnePlus, Nokia, etc.

2. Display

The display is the only medium through which we can interact with our smartphone. This makes the smartphone displays a crucial aspect to keep in mind before buying a new smartphone. By display, we mean the type of display, resolution, screen to body ratio, etc.

Display Panel types

There are various display types available in the market. For example TFT, IPS-LCD, OLED, AMOLED,  Super AMOLED, etc. Various budget phones come with s TFT display. IT has a lesser viewing angle and is less bright. For a decent viewing experience, a smartphone should be equipped with at least an IPS-LCD display. They have wider viewing angles, better resolution, and enhanced brightness with less power consumption. The flagship devices are equipped with more fancy  OLED, AMOLED, and Super AMOLED displays. They provide the best possible experience in smartphone displays. The widest viewing angles, brightest displays, excellent color reproduction and extremely power efficient.


First of all, let us know what resolution means. Screen resolutions mean a specific number of pixels in a display. These numbers of pixels are independent of the screen size. So practically, lesser is the screen size, more is the clarity of a given resolution.

The screen resolutions currently available in the market are HD, FULL HD, QHD, ULTRA HD, and 4K. The lowest being HD and highest being 4K.

Screen/Body Ratio

Screen to body ratio has now become the key factor is the smartphone look and feel. The screen/body actually means how much screen does the front portion of the smartphone occupies.

Different approaches have been applied to maximize the ratio like 18:9 ratio, different notches, punch hole design, motorized camera modules, etc. When buying a new phone, consider the higher screen/body ratio phones. This provides great looks and larger than life viewing experience.

3. Storage

Yes, storage also plays a very vital role in your smartphone experience.

Usually, we think, more the storage better the performance. But this is not absolutely right. The read and write speeds play an important role too besides just the quantity of storage. The most common storage type used in smartphones is eMMC which is much slower and degrades with time. Samsung introduced UFS storage which is much faster and reliable.

You should go for a phone which has decent internal storage (at least 32 GB) UFS storage and if possible should have expandable memory 

4. RAM

RAM is basically responsible for day to day functioning of the phone, it manages all the apps and games. This makes it a noteworthy feature in a smartphone. Just like storage, more RAM does not necessarily mean better performance. The different types of RAMs used in smartphones are DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, etc with DDR4 being the latest and the fastest.

Ideal RAM according to today’s scenario is at least 4 GB DDR4 RAM.

5. Processor

The processor is the heart of a smartphone. The processor and RAM combine to manage all the tasks in the smartphone. This is the most common feature the customers usually look up to. A better processor means a smooth and longer smartphone life.

When it comes to the science behind the processor, it basically has a few aspects, the clock speed, and the architecture. Clock speed refers to the rate of completion of the processing cycle. The architecture refers to the design and the size of the processor.

The most popular processor are Bionic Chip by Apple, Exynos by Samsung, Snapdragon by Qualcomm, Helio by MediaTek, Kirin by Huawei, etc

The processor vary from price to price and brand to brand, what matters more is the clock speed and architecture. The Most common brand is Qualcomm Snapdragon. 

6. Operating System

Operating System is one of the most underrated features of the smartphone. The operating system is the way how your smartphone looks and feels to use. It basically provides the interaction between the different apps and the user. Better user experience depends upon a better, light, customizable and smooth operating system.

Different types of Operating Systems available in the market are Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Android is further divided into many custom operating systems like MIUI, One UI, Oxygen OS, Zen UI, etc. The custom skins are basically based on the android with a few custom features added to it to make the user experience better.

I basically prefer the stock Android as it is very simple with very little bloatware(pre-installed apps) and clean experience.

7. Software Updates

Buying a smartphone with a stable OS is just not enough. Timely updates to the OS and apps is very important. New updates bring new features and make the device more and more secure. It protects the device from the latest threats in the markets. Trusted brand ensure regular and timely updates. Timely updates make the phone secure, fast, up to date, etc. 

8. SAR Value

Most people neglect this important aspect of a smartphone. SAR Value is a measure of the maximum energy absorbed by a unit of mass of exposed tissue of a person using a mobile phone, over a given time or more simply the power absorbed per unit mass. It basically measures the number of radiations being emitted from your phone. The safe SAR value is 1.8 W/Kg. You should always keep in mind that the SAR value is always less than the safe value.

9. Cost/Performance Ratio

This is the criteria to be considered the most. The cost/performance ratio is basically how much value for money does your smartphone gives. Do the little extra money worth the extra bunch of money?

Often big and established brands charge you way higher than the actual worth of the device. A device may seem to be the perfect price but might not justify the price. The addition of little tweaks is just not worth your hard earned money.

Always keep in mind your budget and have a clear vision of the required specifications. This will help you a lot to achieve a high cost/performance ratio.

10. Desired extra feature

Often people want a specific feature in their smartphone like a better camera, longer battery life, high performance, good looks, etc. It is often seen people neglect some important features just to get their desired ones.

Go for your desired extra feature but do keep in mind to maintain a balance with all other features too.

NOTE: There is no such thing as a perfect smartphone. Every phone lacks some or other features. It is better for you to the first device all your needs and then searches for a suitable device. 

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